The Ninth in the Famous Handguns Collection

The Colt Python revolver mini-replica is three-dimensional(3D), slightly over 3″ in length, cast in hard zinc metal, Silver-plated,
then slightly antiqued to highlight the extraordinary detail. The Python comes in a Red Velvet presentation box with a Black EVA insert die-cut for the shape of the mini-replica and ID plate. The Identification Plate is bright Gold -plated with the Letters inlaid with Black enamel. The 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights Logo is stamped in Gold foil on the White linen inside the top of the presentation box.

The Colt Python is an immensely popular handgun and this excellent mini-reproduction will be an asset for any collector.

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Colt Python
“Combat Magnum”
Right side of the Colt Python

Left side of the Colt Python