The Eleventh in the Famous Handguns Collection

The Model 36 is the 11th mini-replica in the Famous Handguns of the World Collection and the 5th revolver. I thought the last revolver we produced was outstanding, but, we believe the “Chiefs Special” even surpasses the Colt Python in accuracy to the actual revolver and in the quantity and quality of detail. Notice the S &W logo on the grip and frame on the left side and the grip on the right side.

The Model 36 is 2 1/2″ in length, cast from hard zinc metal, Silver electroplated, antiqued and relieved to highlight the intricate detail. It is displayed in a Red Velvet presentation box with a Black die-cut insert the shape of the revolver. The ID panel is bright Gold-plated with the words inlayed with lustrous Black enamel. The 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights logo is Gold-gilded on the White linen covering the inside of the box lid.

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“Chiefs Special”
Right and left side of the S&W Model 36 “Chiefs Special” mini replica