The Seventh in the Famous Handguns Collection

The Philadelphia Deringer mini-replica is the first, and only, pocket pistol in the Collection.

Its actual length is 5.87 inches. The mini-replica is made approximately ½ scale and is 3 inches in length, cast from hard zinc metal, Silver-plated and antiqued to highlight the extraordinary detail on both sides. This is a collector’s classic. The quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail is excellent. The hinged presentation box is Black Velvet with a Red, pre-formed felt insert. The 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights logo is Gold gilded on the linen covering the inside of the box lid. The identification plate is bright Gold-plated with the lettering inlayed with Black enamel.

The mini-replica and ID plate are held in place in the cut-outs in the Red EVA foam insert. The insert also holds a .41 caliber lead ball, the size projectile fired into President Abraham Lincoln’s head.

A high quality, Gold-plated American flag pin inlayed with Red, White and Blue enamel colors is included, FREE, with each mini-replica purchased.

To order this seventh mini-replica in the Famous Handguns of the World Collection, go to the Order Form.

Right and Left View of the Philadelphia Deringer