The Eighth in the Famous Handguns Collection

The Walther PPK (Police Pistol Detective) mini-replica is the fourth pistol in the Collection.

The actual PPK is only 6.1 inches in length. We made it ½ scale or about 3 inches in length. It’s cast from hard zinc metal, Silver electroplated, then oxidized and relieved to highlight the detail on both sides. The accompanying ID plate is bright Gold finished with Black enamel inlaid letters.

The design of the PPK is remarkable in its’ simplicity. The quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail are excellent. The hinged presentation box is Red Velvet with a Black, die-cut felt insert. The 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights logo is Gold gilded on the linen covering the inside of the box lid.

The wording on the left side of the pistol is as it is on the original PPK’s released in 1930. This authentic reproduction of the wording on the original PPK’s will add to the mini-replicas’ realism and allure to collectors.

The Walther PPK was made more famous as the handgun of choice of the ultimate secret agent,  James Bond 007.

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Walther PPK Box
The Walther PPK is the handgun of James Bond, agent 007.

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Right and Left View of the Walther PPK
Right and Left View of the Walther PPK